[BlueOnyx:22507] Re: quota warning sent to wrong email address

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon Nov 19 02:09:00 -05 2018

Hi Carl,

> "cmuExport -c", followed by "grep $targetemail /home/cmu/*/cmu.xml" says
> the target email address does not appears in the CODB.

It may not be that case. I had a weird problem like that recently:

On one BlueOnyx I have an account, that forwards all emails to another
account on another BlueOnyx.

That one ran out of space and generated bounces. That created some
pretty interesting bounces and I was searching on the first server and
couldn't figure out why it would bounce. Because it didn't. It was the
second server (the target of the forward) that did the bouncing.

There is two ways how you can troubleshoot this:

One is to examine the headers of the bounces.

The other is to check the maillog of the server. Look at the timestamp
of the message, find it in the logs and see what went on at that time.

FWIW: The "Quota Warning"-emails from Active Monitor actually do tell
you exactly which user is the culprit. The original "To:" has the email
address of the user and not any forwards in it.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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