[BlueOnyx:22509] AV-Spam missing SQL DB

Lars Herrmann info at lh-computertechnik.de
Mon Nov 19 08:21:53 -05 2018

Hi all,
on a 5208 box AV-Spam 6.3.2-1 complains about a missing DB for auto-whitelist:
" spamd[17605]: auto-whitelist: sql-based unable to connect to database (DBI:mysql:avspam6: : Unknown database 'avspam6' "

Indeed there is no DB "avspam6", although AV-Spam states in the MySQL-tab: "MySQL connection possible with this settings".

Reinstall of the AV-Spam package didn't change anything either.

So i wonder how the corresponding DB with its table be created or what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Lars Herrmann 
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