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Thu Nov 22 13:28:13 -05 2018


since yesterday, sendmail on one of my virtual servers constantly, once every one or two hours, fails its service. Active monitor reports:

* There is a severe problem with the email system.
  - The SMTP server is not running and could not be restarted. The SMTP server may shut itself down temporarily under extreme load. Check the CPU load on the server. If the load does not appear to be the problem, go to the Server Desktop and try turning the SMTP server off then on again to see if this corrects the problem. If the SMTP server is still unable to start, try rebooting the server itself by clicking the Reboot Now button in the Power menu under System Settings. If the SMTP server is still unable to start, please referhttp://BlueOnyx.it/  for technical support.

After a while, the system manages to restart sendmail and everything is fine again — until the next failure... It's a nuisance. The e-mail load doesn't appear to be excessive, as far I can see there are peaks with about 35 messages an hour = 2.5 MB (Server Management > Usage Information > E-Mail), but this doesn't seem to be much, or is it?

Anybody encountering this, too? Any ideas for a remedy?

Thank you and best regards

Meaulnes Legler

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