[BlueOnyx:22520] SSL certificate for mail requiring to be trusted every time the certificate is renewed.

Fungal Style wayin at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 19:41:06 -05 2018

Hi all,

I must have missed something, but every 2 months when Let’s Encrypt updates the SSL, it needs to trust the server again.

Here is an example…

Server1.domainname.com – has an SSL, all is fine
Mydomain.com – has an SSL certificate also enabled
Both are on the same server/IP address but are not linked in any other way (ie separate TLDs).

When the user checks email after the SSL has been updated they are prompted to trust the server1.domainname.com again, which can be confusing as they do not know the server’s name as it is a different TLD.

This is becoming frustrating as the user also has an iphone and it will not allow the certificate to be trusted without either a) deleting and recreating the account or b) disable the email account on the phone, create a new account, have it trusted when prompted and then you can delete it and revert back to the original email account (I have only read about this but still seems a lot to do every 2 months).

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or how to do it so the SSL will work more seamlessly?

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