[BlueOnyx:22521] Re: SSL certificate for mail requiring to be trusted every time the certificate is renewed.

Michael Aronoff maronoff at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 20:48:45 -05 2018

Brian wrote:

> Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or how to do it so the SSL will work more seamlessly?


BlueOnyx will always use the server name for the Sendmail process. You used to be able to tell Apple devices to accept the certificate once and it would remember it or disable SSL and that would stop the problems. However with the more recent versions of iOS devices neither works. Even with SSL is disabled it throws errors. It is like they include the setting to disable SSL but then ignore it. Very frustrating.


The only real solution is to explain to clients they are on shared hosting and have them use the server address for incoming and outgoing instead of their own domain name. Sure it is a little annoying but all the problems go away.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates this holiday. :)


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