[BlueOnyx:23187] Re: Upcoming BlueOnyx 5210R additions

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon Sep 9 23:45:50 -05 2019

Hi Ernie,

> Centos 8 is still not out.

Yeah, they're taking their sweet time with it. :-(

The progress page of the porting also hasn't been updated since 15th
August and the item "Release Work" is the only one left open. They're
communicating the progress in a somewhat lackluster way. I also suspect
that they pulled off some developers to port CentOS 7.7, which is also
way overdue.

> Have tried to compile 5210R with Oracle Linux 8 which is also RHEL based ?
> It's been out since Jul 18.
> https://blogs.oracle.com/linux/announcing-the-release-of-oracle-linux-8

No, I haven't. It would be a sort of useless intermediary step to set up
a full building, testing and repository environment for something I'll
be ditching like a hot potato once CentOS 8 comes out.

Also: The only download option for Oracle Linux 8 is 17 Gigabytes and
you have to get it through the Oracle shopping cart (even if it's free
of costs for evaluation).

The final nail into the coffin is their licensing policy, which is so
bemusing that it deserves to be properly ridiculed. They take all the
licenses that RedHat released RHEL 8 under (GPL, Mozilla, Apache. CPL,
GL/GPL, etc.) and slap on at least *four* Oracle specific licenses
(could be five if you include the "Oracle Special Programs License

The "Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions" would hold me accountable
for export violations if someone from Venezuela or Iran downloaded an
Oracle Linux 8 based 5210R ISO image *and* everyone using an Oracle
based 5210R BlueOnyx would have to agree to "Upon 45 days written
notice, Oracle may audit your use of the Programs."

Oracle is the prime example of a greed driven parasitic enterprise and
I'll *not* do anything that promotes using their stuff. As far as I'm
concerned they're a reverse Midas: Everything they touch turns into
shit. ;-)

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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