[BlueOnyx:23206] Re: Upcoming BlueOnyx 5210R additions -> 5310R

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Fri Sep 13 12:59:11 -05 2019

Hi all,

Recently I wrote:
> TL;DR: We wait for CentOS 8 as it's still our prime contender. Meanwhile
> I'll put up a Debian 10 "playground" to see if I can adapt the BlueOnyx
> build environment to produce packages for Debian. 

In case someone checks and wonders: The BlueOnyx SVN code repository now
has a new branch, called 5310R:


This will eventually house the experimental Debian code to get a Debian
based 5210R equivalent up. At this time it just has the first basic
draft of the sausalito-devel-tools in it that (already) spits out DEBs
instead of RPMs. Eventually the rest of the BlueOnyx modules from the
5210R tree will get ported to 5310R as well.


BlueOnyx 5210R = Latest BlueOnyx for the upcoming CentOS 8
BlueOnyx 5310R = Latest BlueOnyx for Debian 10.1 (same feature set)

Like said above: The CentOS 8 based 5210R will get priority. The Debian
based 5310R is more of a long term investment that might not be anywhere
near ready for the next couple of months.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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