[BlueOnyx:23956] Re: 5210R: Postfix SNI support - status update

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Tue Jun 9 15:48:53 -05 2020

Hi Dirk and Larry,

Larry wrote:
> +10 to this one.  MailDir is much better than mbox.
> Have one 5209R server that I converted to MailDir for a client
> and it works well, I just have to watch every update and change
> to make sure they don't overwrite my changes.

I agree that MailDir is better overall. I'm not sure if I want to make
MailDir a default, though.

I can toss you a bone though: I make it GUI-configurable in the same way
as I did for Sendmail vs. Postfix. That way (if you change it) it'll
stick throughout updates as well.

Why I don't want to make it a default? Think about the rats ass of code
changes this entails. The majority of BlueOnyx servers aren't running
MailDir, but Mbox. If MailDir is the new default, then Easy-Migrate will
have to do an automatic conversion on imports.

What if that user has already been synced and we run Easy-Migrate again?
That brings the whole Mbox from the source server over again and then we
convert it again on top of the existing MailDir from the last run? That
has a good chance of creating garbage if that MailDir has in between
received new messages that weren't on the source server.

Anyway, I have a more or less working scripts around that converts from
Mbox to Maildir and back via "dsync" (part of Dovecot):


I'll see what I can hack together. The least I can do is to make it
configurable so that it survives through YUM updates. But be prepared
that you might have to do the conversions of mailboxes yourself.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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