[BlueOnyx:24023] Re: 5210R wrong envelope-from address in outgoing mails via postfix

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I think my RAQ3 used to do that too.....

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Hi Dirk,

>> a customer on a 5210R server has switched to postfix and has now 
>> determined that NDR mails come back to the wrong address, not to the 
>> e-mail address specified as "From" address in his mail program, but 
>> to the address entered in the virtusertable, i.e. 
>> accountname at host.domain

I just published YUM updates (base-email-*) for 5210R which address this issue and others.

The way we auto-generated /etc/postfix/canonical perhaps wasn't the best way. I just changed that to allow the same leeway in regards to envelope addresses that we had with Sendmail.

Additionally I made changes to our entries for the parameter 'smtpd_recipient_restrictions'. The previous content and sort order of restrictions in there wasn't restrictive enough. There were situations where Vsites or Users in state "disabled/suspended" or w/o the feature "Email" were able to send or receive emails. Or emails were accepted and then rejected by Procmail, whereas it is best to reject emails at the MTA level if we don't accept them anyway.

This has been fixed as well: If a Vsite or User is disabled, then it cannot send or receive email.

With best regards

Michael Stauber
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