[BlueOnyx:24055] Re: DNS servers not syncing.

Ken Hohhof khohhof at kwom.com
Tue Jun 30 16:06:53 -05 2020

Sounds like BIND 9.9+ and zonefile in raw format instead of text.  There is a conversion utility
or if your zone transfers are modest in size, I think there is a masterfile-format directive.

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Hi Michael,

    > All are 5208R – I am loath to move to 5209R or 5210R because I find it
    > useful to be able to check records by reading the plain text files in
    > the named folder!

    That's actually the same on 5210R, as it uses the same setup for DNS as
    all previous versions of BlueOnyx.

What I meant was I can cat db.domain.com in /etc/named/named and get a text output that I can read (so for example can check the serial no. on the secondary.)

Can't do that on 5209R or 5210R ... :-/

Just tried on 5210R and get the same as 5209R which is not easily readable.



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