[BlueOnyx:23816] Re: After manual install of 5210R can't access server

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon May 4 11:03:03 -05 2020

Hi Felix,

> The housing provider connected the cable to ETH0 and I could now log in to
> the server, go through the setup-wizard and everything is fine.

Very well. Yeah, BlueOnyx depends highly on having the network connected
to the primary interface. Things go off the rail if it isn't.

> Presently my old 5208R box is running with 5 IP addresses. 
> I will now use Easy Migrate to migrate all relevant content to this new
> 5210R box. Then the housing provider will assign my "old" IP addresses 
> to the new server.>
> How can I avoid that user content, particularly emails, that are still
> coming in to the old server are not lost forever during the time the housing
> provider requires to switch the IP addresses from the old to the new server?

The easiest way is to disable the relevant services for the duration of
the migration and to stop Crond, so that Active Monitor doesn't restart
these services automatically:

/sbin/service crond stop
/sbin/service httpd stop
/sbin/service sendmail stop
/sbin/service dovecot stop
/sbin/service xinetd stop

That leaves MySQL running, which you need running in order for
Easy-Migrate being able to access it for MySQL-dumps. But all
front-facing services through which a user or page visitor could make
changes are then stopped.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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