[BlueOnyx:23818] Re: Easy Migrate progress indication

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Mon May 4 17:53:52 -05 2020

Hi Felix,

> I'm now running the Easy Migrate Helper. How can I see the progress and when
> a job is finished? 

It'll tell you when a job is finished.

> As a first step I run /usr/sausalito/sbin/easy-migrate.pl --source xxxxxxxx
> -p 22 --config, 
> however I only see one item that seems to be migrating:
> [INFO] Updating settings of 'System' NameSpace 'UserDefaults'.
> And then the process seems to halt. After a while the connection goes down. 

That's unusual. Did you exchange SSH keys between the target and the
source server? The server you want to migrate to (and where you run
easy-migrate) needs to be able to login by SSH to the source server w/o
password. This is accomplished by exchanging SSH keys.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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