[BlueOnyx:23820] Re: Easy Migrate progress indication

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Tue May 5 11:39:02 -05 2020

Hi Felix,

> 1) What are the proper GUI settings for Shell (Basic and SSH Key) on the
> source and target server? For example, should Password Authentication be
> off? (If yes, it doesn't save it on the 5210R). What should we see on the
> SSH Key tab of 5208R and 5210R?

"Password Authentication" off is more secure, but you want to leave it
on until you have installed all SSH keys that need to be installed.

> 2) The instructions on https://www.blueonyx.it/easy-migrate states: "You
> must first install the SSH key of user "root" of the target server on the
> source server of the migration. You can easily do so this way (if you
> haven't already done so): ~]# ssh-copy-id root@<source-server-name-or-ip>"
> I assume I give this command on the source server, yes?
> If yes, shouldn't we then use the command ssh-copy-id
> root@<target-server-name-or-ip>, instead of source-server-name-or-ip
> When I try to ssh from the target server to the source server I get the
> error message:
> Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic). 

Yeah, because you do have "Password Authentication" off on the 5208R.
Turn it on briefly and you'll be able to complete that step. Once that
is done, you can turn it off again.

> What I noticed: on the 5208R in the GUI Shell I see SSH Keys: 2048 bit bit
> private and public key present
> However on the 5210R the SSK Keys the checkbox is still there and there is
> no confirmation that a key is present, although I had clicked on the
> checkbox and saved it.

There could be something wrong with that. Usually when you do have an
SSH key present, the key is also shown on the GUI page.

Please send a support ticket via the GUI and be sure to tick the
checkbox "allow access" so that I can take a look.

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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