[BlueOnyx:23821] Re: Problem with ImageMagick!! - Update of ImageMagick

Brent Epp brent at pdc.ca
Tue May 5 17:40:33 -05 2020

I guess I slipped through the cracks with PHP 5.6.36

  - Brent

On 2020-04-29 22:38, Michael Stauber wrote:
> Hi all,
> Small update on the 5209R ImageMagick debacle:
> While the release of solarspeed-Imagick-compat managed to silence the
> error messages in PHP, the ImageMagick support remained somewhat broken
> due to further remaining incompatibilities.
> For that reason updated PHP pages for 5209R have been built and released
> to NewLinQ:
> 5209R-PHP54-5.4.45-3.pkg
> 5209R-PHP55-5.5.38-3.pkg
> 5209R-PHP56-5.6.40-2.pkg
> 5209R-PHP70-7.0.33-2.pkg
> 5209R-PHP71-7.1.33-2.pkg
> 5209R-PHP72-7.2.30-2.pkg
> 5209R-PHP73-7.3.17-2.pkg
> 5209R-PHP74-7.4.5-2.pkg
> As you can see: This includes every latest version of PHP between PHP
> 5.4 and the now current 7.4. All these were built with (working)
> ImageMagick support using the latest OS provided ImageMagick.
> I even rebuilt PHP versions that have since long been EOL'ed, because
> some of you still might have them in usage.
> I could *not* rebuild PHP-5.3.29 because of compatibility issues, but
> then again: That one is so old that it *really* shouldn't be used
> anywhere at this time.

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