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Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Thu May 7 14:36:06 -05 2020

Hi Mon Chan:

> We have PHP+MySQL/MariaDB Bundle before, now want to buy the maintenance.
> Any one tell me what version include now?
Here is the detailed list current as of today:

PHP-5.3.29 (5207R/5208R/5209R only)
PHP-5.4.45 (5207R/5208R/5209R only)
PHP-5.5.38 (5207R/5208R/5209R only)
PHP-5.6.40 (5207R/5208R/5209R/5210R)
PHP-7.0.33 (5207R/5208R/5209R/5210R)
PHP-7.1.33 (5207R/5208R/5209R/5210R)
PHP-7.2.30 (5207R/5208R/5209R/5210R)
PHP-7.3.17 (5207R/5208R/5209R/5210R)
PHP-7.4.5  (5209R/5210R only)

Not all versions of PHP are available for all platforms, so I listed in
detail what's available for which platform at this time.

If you buy PHP with maintenance, then you can expect an updated PHP
package within a few days after a new version is released by PHP.net

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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