[BlueOnyx:23860] Garbled characters immediately after installation

Tomohiro Hosaka bokutin at gmail.com
Wed May 20 21:04:10 -05 2020


Thank you for the extremely fast release.
I installed it with BlueOnyx-5209R-CentOS-7.8-20200520.iso/ks/kick_ext4.cfg

So far everything is comfortable.

I will tell you one problem that I had noticed before.

On the screen of http://XXX:444 after installation
If you select Japanese in the language selection, the characters will
be garbled (mojibake).

>From the screen of http://XXX:444/user/personalAccount
Change the Administrator language to English once and save
If you change the language to Japanese and save again, it will be resolved.


I don't know if it occurs in other languages besides English, or if
it's a problem around po mo.

I'm sorry I couldn't point out at the source code.


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