[BlueOnyx:23874] Re: Garbled characters immediately after installation

Tomohiro Hosaka bokutin at gmail.com
Fri May 22 03:28:19 -05 2020


> Is it correct that the problem only happens if you choose Japanese in
the GUI based setup wizard?


I investigated further.

It turned out that /etc/cobalt/locale is increasing after reselecting
with user/personalAccount compared to immediately after selecting
Japanese in the wizard.

# cat /etc/cobalt/locale

In other words, immediately after selecting Japanese in the wizard,
/etc/cobalt/locale does not exist.

This is I think the cause.

Maybe /usr/sausalito/handlers/base/system/product_language.pl needs to
be called at the right time?


2020年5月22日(金) 5:03 Michael Stauber <mstauber at blueonyx.it>:
> Hi Tomohiro Hosaka,
> > I will tell you one problem that I had noticed before.
> >
> > On the screen of http://XXX:444 after installation
> > If you select Japanese in the language selection, the characters will
> > be garbled (mojibake).
> >
> >>From the screen of http://XXX:444/user/personalAccount
> > Change the Administrator language to English once and save
> > If you change the language to Japanese and save again, it will be resolved.
> >
> > https://bokut.in/mojibake_japanese.png
> > https://bokut.in/mojibake_japanese_fixed.png
> >
> > I don't know if it occurs in other languages besides English, or if
> > it's a problem around po mo.
> It only seems to affect Japanese. We had a few cases of mojibake before,
> so I know what to look for and I'll check it out.
> In https://bokut.in/mojibake_japanese.png I can see that only two menu
> entries (and their help-texts) seem to be affected on that screen, but
> the rest is shown fine.
> Which is a bit weird. Usually we get mojibake if the Japanese locale
> files were damaged or not saved in UTF-8 prior to being processed by
> "msgfmt" to build the *.mo files. Or if the PHP code tries to display
> Japanese locales using UTF-8 and not in EUC-JP as it should.
> I checked the Japanese locale files for the "PHP Security" entry and the
> "Logins" entry.
> Is it correct that the problem only happens if you choose Japanese in
> the GUI based setup wizard?
> If that's the case, then I bet the GUI started processing the first few
> locale strings in UTF-8 (and garbled these), but then automatically
> realized it had to use EUC-JP.
> This will take some time to debug, but I'll get to it and will then
> publish a fix.
> Many thanks for bringing this to my attention.
> --
> With best regards
> Michael Stauber
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