[BlueOnyx:23882] Re: Garbled characters immediately after installation

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Fri May 22 12:37:03 -05 2020

Hi Tomohiro Hosaka,

> - $cookie = array('name' => 'locale', 'path' => '/', 'value' => $locale, 'expire' => '31536000');
> + $cookie = array('name' => 'locale', 'path' => '/', 'value' => $attributes['localeField'], 'expire' => '31536000');

Hah, that's a nice catch! Good work!

Indeed, $locale wasn't set there. Funnily enough in another $cookie
further above I was already using $attributes['localeField'], but most
have forgotten to change it in that line as well.

A fixed base-wizard has been published to YUM for 5209R and 5210R.

So this should fix all outstanding issues that you've reported. A
complete list of code changes in the new updates can be found here:


The Sendmail ca-bundle.crt issue was also easy to fix. We already had a
constructor that handles the cert, but it had no provisions for the
ca-bundle out of an oversight.

Again, many thanks! Want an unpaid job as the BlueOnyx Quality Conrtrol
department? You sure do have the perfect qualifications for that! ;-)

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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