[BlueOnyx:23886] Re: source code of the bootable iso

Tomohiro Hosaka bokutin at bokut.in
Fri May 22 22:18:49 -05 2020

Hi Michael,

It was helpful to know the insight of the container.
Thank you.

I support your view.


2020-05-21 06:07 に Michael Stauber さんは書きました:
> Hi Tomohiro Hosaka,
>>> https://www.blueonyx.it/easy-migrate
>> Yes, I have already tried. Great tool!
> Very well. Thank you!
>> I created a similar perl script at $work many years ago to move vsites
>> between bluequartz.
>> When I glanced at the source code, I felt a deja vu.
>> Net::OpenSSH is a very good library.
>> I use it for many other purposes.
> Yeah, it's really nice and for projects like this where you have to
> repeatedly make SSH/SCP/RSYNC calls it's a big time savior. I did have
> to make a few calls outside of Net::OpenSSH, though, as I was running
> into some limitations. But overall it's a great library.
>>> I'll try to have that ready for you within the next 1-2 days. I 
>>> wanted
>>> to do an updated 5209R ISO anyway as the last one is from March this 
>>> year.
>> Oh my god! I'm so happy I could cry!
> I'm glad to hear that. Here is the URL to the updated 5209R ISO:
> https://devel.blueonyx.it/pub/BlueOnyx/ISO/BlueOnyx-5209R-CentOS-7.8-20200520.iso
> When you use it you'll see a new boot option that allows you to use
> "HD-Autodetect EXT4" and it'll then install with EXT4 instead of
> XFS-partitions.
>> Furthermore, if `reboot` becomes `systemctl restart`, would it be
>> possible to make a dockerfile in the future...
> I thought about that and I'm not sure if it's a route I want to pursue.
> Sure, changing /sbin/reboot to "systemctl restart" is no big deal and I
> could easily do that.
> No, I mean pursuing Docker. It appears like a dying breed and the 
> recent
> change in ownership might drive the final nail into that coffin. There
> is also Podman (RedHat's fork of Docker), there are Snaps (which I hate
> with a passion!) and other competing containerized approaches.
> At the end of the day it's much fewer hassles to get BlueOnyx to run in
> a somewhat more "real" container such as under OpenVZ (which we fully
> support since day one of BlueOnyx) or under LXC/LXD.
>> I tried the 5210R over half a year ago.
>> The installation was fine, but I encountered a few issues and
>> decided to adopt the 5209R.
>> I remember that one of them was that I couldn't login with ssh.
>> I think it's resolved now.
> Yeah, 5210R had a bit of a rough start and the many design changes in
> CentOS 8 (not all to the better) didn't help either. But these issues
> have been mostly ironed out and there are only 2-3 more small issues on
> my to-do list for 5210R. None of them being critical.
> But continuing to use 5209R is fine, as it still has lots of life left
> in it.

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