[BlueOnyx:23902] Re: System.Email.queueTime does not apply

Michael Stauber mstauber at blueonyx.it
Tue May 26 01:00:12 -05 2020

Hi Tomohiro,

> In 5209R,
> Since /usr/sausalito/handlers/base/email/system.pl does not support the
> systemd format, the System.Email.queueTime setting does not apply.
>     # cat /etc/sysconfig/sendmail
>     SENDMAIL_OPTS="-q1h"

Indeed. The Systemd Unit-File parses /etc/sysconfig/sendmail and honors
the settings from within that. But we were looking for the old name of
that parameter. At one point it was named simply "QUEUE", now it's
"SENDMAIL_OPTS". For that reason our search-and-replace on that
parameter failed.

I just fixed that for 5209R and 5210R and released YUM updates for it:


> Make a change in /email/emailsettings, save, and then `immediate`
> again, it will be 15m.

I just noticed this as well. The setting "Immediate" is not honored. The
shortest we can set it to is "15 Minutes". I will either drop the
"Immediate" setting to avoid confusion, or will try to get it working in
a later patch.

Many thanks again!

With best regards

Michael Stauber

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