[BlueOnyx:25128] Quickfix for BO servers with certificates that are old or doesn't work anymore!!!

Rickard Osser rickard.osser at bluapp.com
Thu Sep 30 06:03:26 -05 2021


I just noticed that the acme.sh script on several of my BO servers is
to old to generate working certificates.

This is a quickfix:

#cd /usr/sausalito/acme
#export LE_WORKING_DIR="/usr/sausalito/acme"
#export LE_CONFIG_HOME="/usr/sausalito/acme/data"

#cp acme.sh acme_old.sh
#dnf install socat
#./acme_old.sh --upgrade
#./acme.sh --set-default-ca  --server  letsencrypt
#./acme.sh --renew-all -f

And finally reboot the server.

Best regards,
Bluapp AB
Rickard Osser
Solberga Ängsväg 3
125 44 Älvsjö

Web: http://www.bluapp.com
Mail: rickard.osser at bluapp.com
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