[BlueOnyx:07685] Transferring DB backups over FTP

Richard Morgan richard at morgan-web.co.uk
Sat Jul 16 07:58:01 EDT 2011


This is for anyone that uses Telemedia's rather lovely MySQL backup package: http://www.telemedia.ch/publ/blueonyx-mysqlbackup.html (I hope they do a 5107R version ;o) ).

They have a feature to run post backup scripts that are stored at /usr/local/sbin/bo-backupmysql.post so, I wrote something to FTP it across the network to another server.  It doesn't delete anything once it gets old, it's just a hack to make sure we've got a copy in a different place.  I'm posting it here in case anyone finds it useful.

As root, do:

pico /usr/local/sbin/bo-backupmysql.post

Copy the script below in to the editor and modify the ftp details

Hope someone finds it useful.



echo "-----";
echo "$FNAME.tar.gz will be sent to an FTP server";


ncftpput -m -u $FTP_USER -p $FTP_PASS $FTP_HOST $FTP_PATH $FNAME.tar.gz

echo "$FNAME.tar.gz stored on $FTP_HOST at $FTP_PATH";
echo "-----";

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