[BlueOnyx:10187] BO5016 Update Procedure

Bill Hicks billhicks at netstep.net
Thu Apr 19 06:58:47 EDT 2012


I have 6 servers running BO5106 and they are set to do automatic updates 
everyday and then I get an email at 6 am stating if any updates were made. 
Up till 2 weeks ago I had always rebooted the servers at 6am if any updates 
where made so that everything would be nice and fresh since it only takes 
about 1 minute to reboot them. But I started wondering what if an update 
broke something and on reboot the system locked up or crashed? Maybe it 
would be better to not reboot them after updates on the off chance that the 
next update fixed this potential problem. Am I wrong in worrying that this 
could happen and it is ok to reboot after each update?

Bill Hicks 

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